I am coming to the end of my first year of study at the University of Newcastle, Bachelor of Fine Arts. In less than a year I have had the opportunity to study Museology and Architecture and Art, in London (6-week program). I will be going to Germany (6-week program) to study Art History, and the German culture in January of 2018.

I would never have had the opportunity to do this had I not enrolled at Newcastle University in the beginning of 2017. To this point it has been a life changing and enriching experience, and I can see a reason and focus for my life and my future as an artist and as a mother. What I have learnt through the places I have been able to connect with, the people, and the varied ideas and thoughts of different cultures and beliefs, have inspired and grounded me as an individual, an artist, parent and teacher. I want to help others to experience the knowledge and understanding that comes through cross-cultural exchange and integration.  My art works are derived through memory (or loss of memory), acting upon impulse, desire & instinct. Drawn to the elemental properties surrounding the creative space at time of activity. Processes and mediums of use in practice revolve around, photography, painting, and printmaking.

Art in the form of visual aesthetics and personal experience has shaped my life from an early age. Any early recollections I had were wiped out by grand mal epileptic seizures and the medication I took to suppress them. This has meant that I look to appearances for clues to what is going on. An unusual and valuable perspective. a form of aesthetic contemplation, and a way of seeking guidance and understanding.

I will dedicate the rest of my life to the education and experience of art, to inspire and create positive idea and thought, this in turn will help to change and enrich surrounding societies that have access to the related exhibitions, by personally igniting positive growth and productive inspiration.